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Private Tour Basic Question
Private Tour Fee
Private Tour fee include?
Private Tour fee include fare, driver guide labor and fuel cost.
Private Tour fee not include?
Private Tour fee not include accommodation, food and ticket.
Need to tip driver guide?
Yes, the general tipping standard is no less than 10% of the total amount, or $8 per person per day according to the general travel tipping convention.
Is the private tour price of one person or the price of everyone?
The price of private tour is base on one vehicle. Depending on the number of people, choose different models, the price is different, the price is only related to the selected model and the itinerary, the price is the price of a vehicle, no matter how many people in the vehicle, the price is the same However, it cannot exceed the number of people carrying the selected model.
Is private tour price include parking fee?
Including general parking fee, which is less than US$5 one time.
The price has included tax?
Yes. The price has included tax
Cancel and Refund
Contact us more than one month in advance to cancel your booking and you can refund 50% of the total itinerary fee. If you cancel your booking within one month, there will be no refund.
How to make payment?
Pay total amout when booking,tip driver cash in the trip. Sometimes, it is allowed to pay a part of deposit for specific itnerary, pay left money on the first day of trip using cash. if you pay remaining money using bank card, you will pay the bank processing fee, 3% for US bank card, and 5% for international bank card.
Supported Payment Methods?
Support most of bank card, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Union Pay, Paypal,and also Alipay, Wechat Pay. Should use checks in US or money order if international transfrer when amout is huge.
Paid with RMB or US dollar when using Union Pay, Alipay, and Wechat Pay?
You pay in RMB, which is the amount of RMB corresponding to the US dollar at the exchange rate. The exchange rate and the current exchange rate are slightly different. In the system, the payment method is deducted in US dollars. When you choose UnionPay, Alipay, WeChat, the deduction of the amount of RMB corresponding to your US dollar. When you pay, the corresponding payment platform will display the corresponding RMB amount.
Can transfer directly to our account using Alipay or Wechat Pay?
No.You can't transfer directly to us through Alipay or Wechat Pay. You can pay on our website using Alipay or Wechat pay, just follow the steps on our payment page.
is it guaranteed safe through our online payment?
100% guarantee safe! Our website system is PCI standard and uses the encrypted https protocol to use the highest level of SSL communication. Just as you see our company name or green in the browser address bar, the display varies depending on the browser, Chrome displays the company name, and Safari displays green. The normal level of https is just a black lock. At the same time, our SSL has a insurance of 1.75 million US dollars. If the bank card information is leaked, the insurance will compensate up to 1.75 million US dollars.
Will your bank card info be recorded in our system?
Our system does not record any bank card information. Our system only transmits the encrypted bank card information to the payment company's system in real time. After the system decrypts, the transaction is processed on the card. Our system does not record any bank card information. You don't have to worry about stolen card issues. No one in the middle process can see your bank card information. At the same time, our website SSL encryption provider provides $1.75 million in insurance to secure your bank card information safe.
General Question
Charter time and overtime costs?
All charter trips typically include 10 hours a day. Some urban day trips include 8 hours, such as a Los Angeles Day Tour. The charter time is displayed in the booking. The overtime fee has different standards according to different itineraries and is detailed in the itinerary information.
will refund for unused time?
If you haven't use all time during day, there is no refund, the price is the same as when you booked. You have booked a day and you chose not to use it up, it's your responsibility for the wasted time.
Continuous chartered for many days, if time in one day is not used up, can you put left time on other days?
Yes. For continuous many days tour, If you don't use up the given hours on that day, you can use it on other days as long as average hours is less than daily limit is fine. However no more than 12 hours on any day to ensure adequate rest.
What Vehicle Types Provide?
Provide 5 seats car, Minivan, 12 seats van, and 15 seats luxury van
How many passengers and luggage one Vehicle can carry?
5 seat car can carry 1-3 people and 1-3 luggage. Minivan can carry up to 6 people and up to 6 luggages. 12 seat van can carry up to 10 people and 10 luggages. 15 seat van can carry up to 12 people and 12 luggages.
The difference between private tours and group tours?
The number of tourist in chartered private tours is generally small, some families have 5 people, and some families have 10 people together. The general bus group tour is most 50 people. When fewer people, more comfortable,and more flexible.Some of the attractions we go to are special attractions, and the bus group tours doesn't go there. Traveling in a chartered private tour is like going to a real trip, relaxing, having fun and watching the scenery. And the tour with the bus group is like following the teacher to go out to learn things, to listen to the teacher's arrangement at all times, listen to the teacher to explain the knowledge of the spot, it is difficult to remember what you have viewed; those are not the meaning of tourism.
Why our private tours better?
The most important for chartered private tour is not the vehicle, but the driver who drives. Our driver is a driver who has been driving for many years professional driver who graduated from undergraduate, literate, knowledgeable, can Speak mandarin and English. The driver can help you translation during the tour if need. Our driver also shoot photo for your family, whose shooting level is higher than average person.
Do you need to determine which attractions to go in advance for the day trip attractions, is it customizable?
You don't need to determine the places you want to go in advance, as long as these attractions are included in the range of our day trips, you can get on the vehicle and negotiate with the driver guide. If the attraction you want to visit is not included in our one-day itnerary, we suggest that you contact us in advance to help you determine if it is within service range. You can order custom day trip. If the attraction is within the range of one-day tour, there is no additional cost, otherwise, the additional fee will be determined according to how far out of range.
Small Group
The difference between small group tour and private tour?
Private tours provide home pick up, but small group tour don't. Small group tours include accommodation, but private tours don't. Small group tours include up to 10 people.
Private Tour Basic Question
What is private tour?
The private chartered tour is a kind of private travel, led by a professional driver guide. Private tour is in between self driving travel and group tour, guests can enjoy the quality travel and no need to do study on attractions.
Private tour fee?
The cost of a private charter tour is calculated on a per-vehicle basis, which is different from the person-by-person price of a group tour. The cost of a private charter tour for all people in the vehicle. It is most suitable for families or friends together to choose, and they can enjoy a better travel experience and a cheaper price.
Why our private tours are better?
Our driver guide is a white-collar travel enthusiast who graduated from undergraduate studies. He is a professional driver with more than 10 years of driving experience and is familiar with local attractions. Can handle temporary problems on the trip very well. Will help the guests to take pictures, and the level of photography is much higher than the average person.
Our Private Tour VS Charter Platform
We are self-owned business, our website is directly operated. Our own high-quality driver guide, quality assurance, familiar with the route of the attractions. The chartered platform is provided by a third party to provide actual services, and the chartered platform extracts profits. The level of drivers of most third parties is uneven, most of them graduated from high school, and their quality is poor. Some drivers of chartered platforms can only go where the navigation guide, and are not familiar with tourist attractions, and guests still have to do their own study on attracton in order to tell those driver address to follow.
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